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BBQing the O-Grill Portable Butane Grills Outdoor also using Kitchen Torch
The O-Grill Story

Great Grilling Anywhere

The Science of Great Grilling

The design of the O-Grill is what really makes our product stand out from the crowd. We have used a clamshell design which is circular. This design combines low weight, compactness for packing, large grill area and excellent heating properties.

The circular design of the O-Grill shell and burner means that we are able to deliver extremely efficient and even heat throughout the grill for an excellent cooking experience. This also allows us to deliver exceptional heat performance without wasting BTUs to give you more efficient gas utilization.

Our O-Grills were launched in the US market back in 2006 and have gained a reputation as a tough, high quality grill that is perfect for the RV and camping communities. We are now seeing many people switching to this portable type grill to use in their yard as well as it is easy to pack away in the garage when not being used.

In recent years the O-Grill has really taken off in Europe and Australia, becoming a trusted name in grilling circles.

A person is holding O-Grill 900MT Portable Gas Grill

Winner of Awards & Prizes

Award in the category TOP-10
Barbecue Park International
SPOGA + GAFA (Cologne)

Society Award
Industrial Design

First prize internationally
International Design Competition
Design Awards (IDA)

A person was opening O-Grill Accessories O-Shield in order to take out O-Grill 600MT Portable Butane Grills in the rear compartment
Truly Portable Butane Gas Grill

Whether you are camping, tailgating or in your RV touring, the O-Grill product line is designed to be quick to set up and pack smallh so you can get maximum cooking space with minimum fuss.