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How to Set Up O-Grill

O-Grill is safe and easy to use. In this video we take you through the basic options available for your grill. We have a wide range of high quality accessories to go with your grill. 

These include the O-Dock accessories ranges as well as the O-Daptor options for the different types of gas grill connections: Butane, Primus and Propane.

All of our grills come with a high quality sturdy enamel coated cast iron griddle to give you the best possible grilling experience. 

We will go through the startup routine and then give you a few cooking tips too! Remember to let your grill heat up properly before you start grilling. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your O-Grill experience! Happy Grilling!

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How to Clean O-Grill

When you have finished all of the delicious grilled foods you can handle, you know you have to clean up the grill before you can pack it away in your vehicle. 

In this video we will run you through the basic post grill cleaning routine and show you the right way to get that griddle clean! Make sure you have some kitchen roll and a water spray handy as well as a high quality brush to clean off the griddle efficiently.

We have designed the O-Grill to give you the maximum cooking area in a stylish and easy to store package. When you have finished clean-up You can just fold up the grill, store it in the special O-Shield bag and put it back in your vehicle. 

There are also some additional options such as our heavy duty griddle bag which allows you to safely store and carry the griddle separately in the car.