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Professional Culinary Torch - A Chef is Stir-frying Bell Peppers with O-Grill Professional Culinary Torches

Professional Culinary Torches

The Best Professional & Commercial Torches

Butane Torches

Professional Culinary Torches
For Your Kitchen

Our professional level butane culinary torches were developed with world champion chefs to deliver exceptional, stable performance right into your kitchen. Whether you are baking or barbecuing, these torches will give you that perfect glazed finish.

These culinary torches are designed to suit the style of your kitchen and come in a range of colors with ultra clean lines, great safety features and easy to clean surfaces for hygiene.

O-Grill GJ-ONE Professional Culinary Torch


GJ-ONE Professional Culinary Torch

  • USA CPSC Certified – Child Safe
  • Hygienic Stainless-Steel Body
  • Precision Flame Control
  • Max Fame Temperature 1300°C ( 2400°F )
MRRP:USD 99.95

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