GJ-700 Professional Pastry Torch in the hand


Butane Pastry Torch

  • Upright or Horizontal Standing
  • Sugar Art & Sculpture
  • Pinpoint Flame
  • Transparent Butane Tank

Sugar Work Butane Torch

The GJ-700 is our specialist torch designed for pastry chefs and bakeries. This torch delivers precision flame control coupled with an upright design. This free-standing design is especially useful for Cake and sugar art or jewelry and DIY applications where hands free operation is required.

  • Pastries and Sugar Art
  • Bar & Cocktail
  • Art Crafts and DIY
  • Jewelry Work
Weight ( w/o gas filled )268 g
Gas Cartridge Capacity10±1.5 g
Opearting TimeApprox. 90 Min
Flame Temperature1100°C / 2012°C ( Blue flame )