GT-660A Long Nozzle Butane Blow Torch in the Hand


High Output Butane Blow Torch

  • Extended Flame Nozzle up to 70mm
  • Stainless-Steel Flame Guard
  • Powerful Wind-Resistant Flame

This high output cannister type blow torch features a high BTU output for larger jobs in the Restaurant, Kitchen or outdoors. It has safe and water resistant piezo electric ignition and a maximum flame temperature of Max Fame Temperature 1300°C (2400°F).

This torch connects to all standard size notched collar butane cannisters and is made from tough, easy to clean materials. This torch also has a high tolerance for extreme conditions with its windproof flame and tough body design.

  • High Quality Stainless Nozzle for Durability
  • 360° Rotating Hand Protector / Vertical Stand
  • Adjustable Gas Flow Control Valve
  • Water Resistant Piezo Electronic Ignition System
DimensionLength186 mm (7.3 inches)
Width45 mm (1.8 inches)
Height102 mm (4 inches)
WeightW/O Fuel223g ±2g
Flame Temperature≈ 2400 ℉ (1300 ℃)
Flame LengthMid Setting4cm (1.6 inches)