Beautiful Fire Furnishings
by Cycloflame


Beautiful Fire Furnishings
for your home

Our stylish and beautifully designed fire furnishings create a unique atmosphere in your living spaces whether you use them indoors or outdoors. Cyloflame creates a special mood for any occasion and with our safe water based fuel it is odorless and safe no matter where you use it.

Cycloflame burns with a clean beautifully shaped flame that makes every space feel more special. We have tabletop candles and firepits as well as indoor fireplaces that bring warmth and a cozy atmosphere to any space.


Water Based Biofuel

Bringing the beauty of fire into your home is possible because of our water based Biounifuel which is odorless, self-extinguishing and clean burning. This water based fuel will only ignite at very high temperatures in our patented Smartwick so there is no danger of accidental ignition in your home.

  • Odorless – Safe to use in any room
  • Self Extinguishing – Fuel can only be lit by our Smartwick
  • Beautiful – Unique designed flame geometry


Tabletop Fire Furnishings

Adding a candle or tabletop firepit to your space will make any event seem more special and more cozy. We have developed a range of candles delivering beautiful flames in a wide range of stylish containers to suit your personal style and the colors of your environment. These candles are also available in different sizes to suit your space and to allow you to have a range of designs throughout your home. 

Our larger firepits are the centerpiece of your occasion with their unique flames and odorless fuel they bring a warmth and familiarity to make everyone relax. These firepits are safe in the home because of our water based fuels and even if knocked off the table, they will rapidly self extinguish.



We love fireplaces, they make a house into a home and create a focal point for any room, but we are not all lucky enough to be able to install one, especially in apartments.

Now with Cycloflame you can have a real fireplace in any home with no installation and no need to worry about smoke or chimneys.

Our Cycloflame fireplaces are completely movable and can be taken to any room as needed to deliver that special warmth of atmosphere that only a real flame can bring.

Using our patented Smartwick and our water based fuel they will burn with a gorgeous flame without odor in even small rooms.

You can also use the fireplaces in the Garden or on a balcony as the flames are wind resistant, so you can enjoy the beauty of Cycloflame both inside and outside your home.