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Heat & Flame Technology

World Class O-Grill Portable Gas Grills

As the world’s leader in professional Butane Powered Tools as well as advanced Flame & Heat Technology, Pro-Iroda  expanded its expertise in gas power and smart design to the household and recreational markets in 2007 with the introduction of the O-Grill series of portable propane and butane grills.

Gas Grill Flame Expert

We don’t just make portable gas grills and butane torches, we research flame technology to bring science to your kitchen and grill.

Our products feature exceptional heat delivery and efficiency for the best possible user experience.


The O-grill brand is proudly owned by Pro-Iroda Industries. At Iroda We take the time to do things properly. We are a proud Taiwan brand with 30 years supplying global leading brands with their products. We care about our portable gas grill and butane torch customers and we have purchased liability insurance to protect them.

We also want our products to be as safe as possible to use, so we design them with additional safety features in mind. This includes CPSC certification for some of our key products to ensure they are as safe as possible in your home, even when children are present.

Million US Dollar Liability Insurance
Months Longest Warranty

Made in Taiwan

Gas Grilling Without Limits

Our Portable Gas Grills Are Designed to Deliver Maximum Heat & Grilling Space Whilst Still being Compact & Safe to Pack in Your Vehicle, Wherever You are Going.

Flame Player

Culinary Torches

We have created a range of superb culinary tools that will have you covered whether you are at home, in a restaurant, in your RV or at a campsite.

Our Culinary torches deliver extremely precise flame control with safety and long running times so that they are always ready when you need them. Don’t accept less than the best.

O-Grill GJ-ONE Butane Torch

The GJ-ONE is the professional model in our culinary torch range which is preferred by professional chefs and those demanding exceptional performance for exceptional food.

If you are a discerning cook or chef try out the GJ -One all stainless steel culinary torch.

O-Grill Grill Set On Balcony
Simple & Fast

Grilling Everywhere

We believe that a new generation of homeowners can also enjoy the safety and great taste of gas grilling from your own apartment.

Grilling on the balcony or the your backyard, you can easily move your O-Grill or take it out for the day to make a really special occasion